Advance Care Planning

There are legal, medical and financial issues that need to be addressed in advance of illness and death.  If we don’t think about these questions while we are healthy, we make it very difficult for the people we love when we are unable to speak for ourselves.

Advance care planning involves having discussions with family and friends, as well as health care, financial, and legal professionals, about your wishes at the end of life or if you are unable to speak for yourself. It may also include recording your wishes and designating a representative to be your spokesperson in a time of need.

It is important for all people in all stages of life to spend time thinking about what their wishes and desires are at the end of life or when a catastrophic injury or illness prevents a person from speaking for him/herself.  We have resources to help you address these questions, and conduct periodic workshops for the general public to look at these issues and questions.

If you would like to attend our next Advance Care Planning Workshop, please contact our office.

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