If you are ill or love someone who is

Being told you have a life-threatening illness pulls the foundations of your life apart.  Suddenly you are floating in a sea of unknowns, and emotions can be overwhelming.

At Hospice we believe in “living well until you die”.   End of life care is just part of what we offer but we also want to support you and your family while you are well, as you grapple with these life-changing questions.  How do I talk to my family?  What do I want, now that I realize how fragile life can be?  What do I need to get through today? There is much that can be done each day to make life meaningful.

Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk with about your experience and your emotions.  Sometimes it is your loved ones who need some additional support. Sometimes it is just useful to have more information.

Sometimes, it is comforting to simply know there are options available, whether you need them or not.

If you would like to know more about Sunshine Coast Hospice and what we can offer you, please call 604-740-0475 to arrange an appointment.


Never in my life

had I felt myself so near

that porous line

where my own body was done with

and the roots and the stems and the flowers


Mary Oliver