Incredible turnout for MAiD forum!

Incredible turnout for MAiD forum!

The Sunshine Coast Hospice Society  hosted an expert panel on October 30th, 2019 to discuss Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt. There was an incredible turnout!  More than 150 people crowded into the space and we had to turn others away. There is obviously a growing interest in our community about this option at the end of life.

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In May 2016, the Canadian government enacted legislation to legalize medical assistance in dying (MAiD).  Since then, more than 7,000 Canadians with terminal illnesses have chosen to die with the help of a doctor or nurse.

Although the percentage of individuals choosing to end their lives with MAiD continues to grow, many of us are not sure of the answers to important questions.  We put together an impressive panel with wide range of experience and expertise to answer such questions as: Who can provide MAiD? How is MAiD delivered? Who is eligible? How do I apply? Can I change my mind? Can I make an advanced directive for MAiD? What might it be like to support a family member or loved one who makes the choice to have a medically assisted death? How has MAiD changed over time as a result of legal challenges? What changes might we expect to MAiD in the future?  

Lee Carter, a Coast resident, talked about her experience as a plaintiff in the historic Carter vs Canada case, focused on her mother’s choices around her own death, that directly led to the legalization of MAiD.

Dr. Carmen Goojha, a Coast physician with a special interest in both palliative care and MAiD, described the application process, eligibility criteria, methods of delivery (oral and IV) and provided information about support groups. 

Allan Forest, another Coast resident, supported his wife Vicky though her illness and decision to choose MAiD. From the perspective of a survivor, he shared their personal experience  about the chain of events that led to Vicky’s application for MAiD and the resulting outcome. 

Jessica Magonet,  staff counsel with the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), described BCCLA’s leading role in the fight for the right to die with medical assistance in Canada. She described the current status of the law as it applies to MAiD and also discussed ongoing legal challenges.  (See:

 Zoe Menge, Care Coordinator and Clinical Resource Nurse, and Pamela Trant, Nurse Practitioner involved with MAiD, both from Vancouver Coastal Health, were also in attendance.  They weren’t formally part of the panel, but they offered information and expertise on the part of our Health Authority.

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For more information about MAiD please click for our document:  Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD): A Guide to Support Patients and Families

WEBSITE LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION (and you can also go to the Resources section of our website for more information)


The Sunshine Coast Hospice Society recognizes the provision of MAID to a client meeting the eligibility criteria as a legal option, whether at home, or within an institution that is legally participating in MAID. 

The SCHS acknowledges the right of individual healthcare professionals to both provide MAID in accordance with the law and professional regulatory standards, and to conscientiously object to participate in the provision of MAID.

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