Volunteer Resources

We’ll be adding more information for volunteers on this page in the near future, including:

  • Instructions on Reporting Volunteer Hours
  • Our In Service Calendar
  • What to remember when visiting Shorncliffe, Sechelt Hospital, and other care facilities
  • Policies and Procedures

Meanwhile, here is a link to the volunteer expenses form:

Volunteer Expenses Form

Volunteer Hours

Please send us an email at the end of each month letting us know the number of hours you have donated to Hospice:

  • Direct Hours: Supporting clients plus travel time; (staffing the Lights of Life table is direct service).
  • Indirect Hours: volunteering with special events, learning, coming to meetings and volunteer gatherings, etc, plus travel time;
  • Board Hours: Everything the Board does, plus travel time;
  • Professional Hours: If you are donating professional service hours, please talk to one of us in the office about how to account for these.