Denis Fafard – Recipient 2019

Denis Fafard – Recipient 2019

Presentation by Elana Robinson, Acting Manager of Hospice Services.

Denis began volunteering in 2011.  He established himself as an advocate for families and individuals and was the eyes and ears for the Volunteer Coordinators, being able to talk with families and quickly analyze what was needed in any situation. From what I understand, he was also supporting the elderly folk in his neighbourhood, before he even began volunteering with us.  Rumour has it, he still does, outside of his volunteer duties with us.  Denis showed skill and presence in vigils and continues to give us his time for vigils even as the President of our Society.

In 2012 Denis jumped into assisting with Volunteer Orientation.  He co-taught 2 orientations in 2013 and the orientations in 2014 and 2015.  In fact, it was this experience which inspired him to create the GRACE model, which is still taught in our orientation and forms the basis of our presence with clients.

By 2013 Denis was sitting on the Board of Directors and he jumped in and became the captain of a ship which needed helming during a time of upheaval, using the same moral compass that he shares with Roey – he believes in the goodness of people, he is a humble servant of compassion and he values an organizational structure that supports our clients in the most meaningful and heart-based way possible.

As the President, Denis has remained to connected to our beginnings.  He attends in-services, delights in meeting the new volunteers and actively mentors new board and front-line volunteers.    He has a very keen mind, a fabulous sense of humour and the ability to synthesize and coordinate the information he is given and shares.

As a staff member who has the privilege of working directly under his leadership, I can attest to his openness, his empathy and his kindness.  It is not often that I have had the pleasure of working for someone who is so deep and wise, and yet so generous.  I have seen Denis give without any expectation of reciprocity, time and time again.

One of the things that Denis does every board meeting, as we saw tonight, is begin the meeting with an intention – a reminder of why the Board is doing what they are doing.  He consistently maintains Roey’s practices, presence and vision.

Congratulations Denis, you deserve this!

Pictured Above: Rosemary Hoare 

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