Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19

Being Prepared in the Time of COVID-19

“It always seems too early . . . Until it is too late”


On May 19th, Joan Hibbard and Dr Carmen Goojha came together on Zoom and Facebook to talk about Being Prepared in the Time of COVID:  a Conversation about Advance Care Planning.

View the video of the webinar. (The presentation starts 6 min 30 seconds into the video.)

View a PDF containing all the links and resources from the webinar.

The one thing we know about life is that at some point we are all going to die.  But dying is not a subject we talk about normally.  These are not normal times.

As of May 19th, almost 6,000 people had died in Canada from COVID-19 disease, and we will be living with COVID-19 in our communities for a long while yet. That makes every one of us stop and ask ourselves:  Am I prepared for death?  If I was so sick I could no longer speak for myself, who would speak for me?  Would they know what I want?  Do I know what they want?  Would my doctor know what was important to me?

Being prepared and having some input into how we die can make all the difference for our end of life – to us, to the people we love and to our health care team. Preparing an Advance Care Plan isn’t just about end-of-life:  It is about making medical decisions for your care if you are unable to speak for yourself.

Talking with our families about what our wishes are if we are faced with critical illness is about giving each other the peace of mind to take care of each other.  Letting our families know what we want may be the most compassionate gift we can give them.

View a PDF of Dr Goojha’s COVID Facts slides.

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