Sunshine Coast Green Sleeve – Advance Care Plan

Your Advance Care Plan

You or your loved one should complete an Advance Care Plan (ACP) for a time when you might be ill or injured and unable to speak for yourself.

Even if you are perfectly healthy, it is important to have conversations and establish a plan so your family and health care team know what your wishes are for your future care.

As the name implies, an advance care plan will help you to make important medical care decisions, in advance. Our Hospice has teamed up with the Sunshine Coast healthcare community to provide you with these resources and support to start your Advance Care Plan journey.

Sunshine Coast Green Sleeve

You can think of the Green Sleeve as your healthcare passport. You store your medical information and Advance Care Plan documents inside, and bring the Green Sleeve to the hospital or medical appointments. Your substitute decision maker should know where your Green Sleeve is located in case of an emergency.

You can pick-up a Green Sleeve at Hospice or at any medical clinic on the Sunshine Coast. It will come enclosed with all of the following components:

The Sunshine Coast Hospice’s Advance Care Plan booklet explains the purpose of each form.

What is Advance Care Planning?

This short video from the BC Centre for Palliative Care covers what Advance Care Planning is, why it’s worth doing, and who would benefit from it.



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