How can I help Hospice?

Living with illness, dying, and grieving are normal parts of life that we will all eventually experience. At Coast Hospice, we support people to live well right to the end of life, and after death we support their family and friends as they grieve.

We believe those living with a terminal illness have the right to make their own choices about how they live and how they die and we endeavour to support them in those choices support with compassion and respect.

The Lights of Life are on now, until December 14th

Coast Hospice volunteers understand what a difficult time the holiday season can be and, for the 28th year, we are inviting folks to visit our table, share your stories with us, write love notes to remember those who have died, and to hang their notes on the Hospice trees set up in Gibsons and Sechelt between now and Dec 14th.

Lighting of the Memories on January 1st at 2 pm

Lighting the Memories invites the public, especially those grieving the loss of someone dear, to join with others to hear heartfelt songs and publicly honour the memory of a loved one. They place handwritten cards, with loving personal tributes, into the fire as a symbolic release of the sentiments expressed.

Lighting the Memories is held rain or shine at 2 pm, January 1st at Mission Point Park in Davis Bay.

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Volunteer Companion Training: Fall 2019

Fourteen new volunteers began their Volunteer Companion Training mid-October and will spend 33 hours together over the following 3 weeks learning about companioning people through dying and grief.

If this is something you are interested in doing, please give our office a call to discuss participating in the next Volunteer Orientation.

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